At Reengen, we’re focused on making it easy to create smarter buildings and smarter energy grid via accelerating digital energy revolution. We are the pioneers of B-IoT (Building IoT) movement and changing the entire conventional energy ecosystem from the ground by combining our IoT, data science and smart grid engineering expertise. Aiming to be the leader of the digital energy transformation, our team wants to digitalize, democratize and dematerialize energy assets using exponential technologies.

Our team has spent decades in the building energy management, renewables and smart grid space, but are hardcore technologist at heart. We keep one foot in Silicon Valley technology innovation and the other in buildings, renewables & energy grid, bringing new discoveries into the energy management market. We take an open source and ecosystem approach to everything we do, so customers are no longer locked in to single vendor systems.

We help hundreds of buildings to manage their energy across 4 different continents. We have spent years helping customers glue together systems that weren’t designed to work together. In fact, working together was completely discouraged by most manufacturers, building and grid system makers purposely ship closed equipment even today. Our mission is to give visibility and control over conventional operations without being onsite. We do not just provide sensor data storage and basic few rules, but the entire IoT Value Chain. Our virtual energy management approach is easy, scalable, affordable, and most importantly, works with the equipment and systems you already have.

Through patent pending proprietary analytics and optimization technologies in coordination with our growing family of smart sensors, controls and meters, we create an extensive track record of documented financial savings, increased efficiency, increased asset value, and bottom line results. When it comes to customer satisfaction, we believe in the principle what Gandhi said once: "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"

Our Positive Impact on Customers & Environment


Energy Saving

The amount of energy saved by the facilities managed by Energy IoT Platform.


Operational Efficiency

The amount of operational man-hour saving thanks to automated data calculation, analysis, reporting and fault diagnostics.

Giga Tonnes

Carbon Footprint Reduction

The amount of carbon footprint reduction thanks to the sustainability incentives and energy saving measures of the Energy IoT Platform.